The Rystor® company was founded in 1968 by Mr Ryszard Stachowicz. It was the first and only company in Poland that started to produce Technical pens, thanks to which it holds a significant status and has built its own brand.

Rystor - Siedziba firmy
Along with the dynamic development of the production plant, the assortment was broadened by specialist automatic pencils that constituted a supplement to the draughting series. In mid 90s, as a response to the markets needs, the companys offer was enriched by ball-point pens, gel pens and refills for them.

At present, Rystor® is still producing the Technical pens and it can offer its clients a wide range of writing materials. Every few months new products manage to make their successful debut, most recent one was a Fine Liner Pen RC-04 and Felt Tip Pen Flami that turned out to be a tremendous success on the market.

Since the very beginning the production process was based on the most up-to-date and world-known technologies. The company has always tried to attach great importance to maintaining technical parameters and guaranteeing high quality of the end product. To achieve this we have been choosing the materials and production means very carefully. We have also cooperated with experienced foreign specialists and have introduced traditional methods of quality control. Due to those actions Rystor® products are characterised by very high quality and precise manufacturing.

Currently, Rystor® is one of the biggest producers in Europe in the writing materials sector, and holds a significant status on the Polish market. It cooperates with the biggest wholesale networks and with the majority of supermarkets and malls.

The Rystor® company is also one of the biggest producers and dealers of pens and gel refills in Europe. Investment actions have been undertaken in order to increase the production capacity of the plant and improve the production process on a constant basis.

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