Production Line

‘Writing articles’ label Rystor® is undertaking with its modern machinery and qualified staff, familiar for many years of its reliability and good quality products. Production based on the latest world technologies.

Our production mainly focuses on conditioning and processing of plastic materials.We are using on this line, modern injections “BOY” with numerical control, which ensures complete repeatability of injection parameters. The processing is based on the best plastics and thermoplastics, such as: SAN, polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, ABS, etc.

In the production process contributions to the pens and gel pens, we have the latest generation of centrifuge machines computer controlled, which ensures stability of technological parameters of the filling. Careful selection of raw materials, high-class production equipment and control and collaboration with experienced foreign experts guarantee the highest quality of our products. In terms of writing tips, ink, cartridges and tubes for drainage, we are working with companies with a global reputation, located in Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Germany and USA.

We care about the quality of our products, and we choose only the best materials and intermediates. Assembly of finished products is carried out in an automatic or mechanical devices to allow repetition of assembly operations thereby ensuring highest product quality. The company uses a variety of European Unions funding programs, which seeks to assist company’s investment. Accordingly Rystor company can develop very rapidly, modernize machinery and ensure employees comfort at work.

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